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Thank you and WE appreciate very much the work you did two weeks ago. If my husband did not tell you, I would like to let you know that y'all were...
Mrs. Leena Rane
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A personal driver works for an individual, company or family to chauffeur individuals, and must follow safety laws, care for passengers and maintain vehicles. Sometimes a personal driver also serves a security function for a client or family and must maintain vigilant surveillance while carrying out his transportation duties. Limousine and taxi drivers may require a special license in some areas and may own their vehicle or rent it from a company for a flat fee.


  • Drivers must have the valid Licence to drive the vehicle.

  • They must ensure the vehicle is in proper condition to drive.

  • Drivers are responsible for the vehicle maintaince, oil, air, tyre care for safe journey.

  • They must be educted to understand the road safety signs and direcions as well as the instructions given by the employer.

  • Must follow safety laws, care for passengers while driving the vehicle.
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Our maids and all servents are fully screened, bonded & Insured. Our staff undertakes extensive and effective high quality routine and side by side, hands on personal training and certified WHIMIS...
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